Intel buys Recon Instruments to expand its wearable IoT capability

Dan Eisenhardt, Recon co-founder and CEO



Recon smart eyewear leads the wearables segment

Intel recently completed its acquisition of Recon Instruments. Not only is this a huge milestone for Recon and a pivotal event in the consumer electronics industry; we at Recon believe this is also a tremendous opportunity that will lead to amazing things, just as much for us as for our customers.

Let me explain why.

Intel is an ideal partner for Recon. Intel’s CEO, Brian Krzanich, made his commitment to wearable technology very clear shortly after assuming his current role in 2013. He reaffirmed that commitment in his keynote speech at the Consumer Electronics Show this January. Brian and his team, including New Technology Group head Josh Walden, share our vision for the potential of smart eyewear in the consumer and enterprise markets, and this deal reflects that shared vision.

As part of Intel, Recon will have the resources to continue the mission we began with the creation of Recon in 2008, but with a level of efficacy and speed that’s beyond the reach of a pioneer in a new market. The company will stay in Vancouver, and retain the talent, brand, and entrepreneurial spirit. Thanks to Intel, however, REcon will gain two very important strengths:

The company will have the resources to successfully grow. This growth will extend to our developer relations program, which will help us establish and sustain a strong app ecosystem. In addition, Recon will have the opportunity to draw from Intel’s extensive technology portfolio. As the world’s most successful semiconductor company, Intel has valuable technical resources and expertise to bring to the table.

This acquisition has placed Recon in a uniquely advantageous position. Going forward, the company will continue to lead the smart eyewear category for sports, and be able to bring technology and innovation to completely new markets and use cases where activity-specific information, delivered instantly, can change the game.

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