Intersil expands video-surveillance coalition


SLOC ecosystem expands to 100 companies worldwide

SLOC consists of camera transmitter and a DVR/NVR receiver

Susan Hardman, senior VP of Intersil's analog mixed-signal product group, says forecasts are that the overall video-surveillance market will reach $16.4 billion by 2014 with world-wide deployment of 500 million security cameras. It is a market that she expects Intersil's SLOC (Security Link Over Coax) to dominate. SLOC is a physical layer technology that enables high-resolution mega-pixel and HD IP-based cameras to operate within a coaxial cable environment. The company is expanding the SLOC ecosystem, having worked closely with technology leaders, and having nearly 100 global companies involved in the SLOC market. Among these are Sony, Altronix, Hikvision, Pinetron, and Yuan. Takashi Honda, senior GM for Sony's Visual Security Solutions Business division, says "This collaboration enables us to cohesively overcome industry hurdles. SLOC technology enables us to offer increased value to our customers by bringing ... HD network camera[s] to their existing SD infrastructure." Altronix Corp, president Alan Foreman notes "Intersil SLOC technology in conjunction with our eBridge series Ethernet over Coax Adapters provides extremely cost efficient migration path from analog to IP functionality re-purposing legacy coax infrastructure." System integrators and manufacturers can now architect an efficient hybrid surveillance system that addresses all of the technical barriers, while enabling all of the benefits of IP-networked cameras and network analytics. SLOC consists of a camera transmitter and a DVR/NVR receiver, a combination that enables high-performance and robust bidirectional communication between the camera and the video recorder over long cable runs. Benefits and features SLOC

  • supports coxial cable runs up to 500m, eliminating the need for repeaters.
  • provides an instant upgrade path from SA quality to HD and mega-pixel resolutions.
  • enables digital-camera functionality on existing coaxial wiring infrastructure with no disruption of existing CCTV services.
  • embeds analog CVBS (colour, video, blanking, and sync) video and enables latency-free live viewing and control of digital IP cameras.
  • eliminates the need for new wiring or cabling modifications, providing significant cost and resource savings.
The dongle approach to reach market for SLOC will be the quicker immediate response, from the ecosystem, says Hardman. "Developed by Techwell, SLOC technology utizes the coaxial cable in the existing infrastructure, transmits the new IP-based digital data, and still provide[s an] analog signal all out of the same camera, tremendously speeding adoption. But," she adds, "over the longer term Sony's embedded approach with be needed to address the need for increased security worldwide and to reassert a commitment to the next generation of surveillance systems." Intersil Intersil Techwell SLOC