Intersil introduces new Oring FET controller



Click image to enlarge: ISL6146 diagram

Intersil has introduced a robust, compact ORing FET controller that provides power redundancy and protection with minimal power dissipation. The new ISL6146 works with N-channel power MOSFETs to increase power-distribution efficiency when replacing a power ORing diode in high current applications. It can be used to provide an N+1 ORing power-supply function, along with complete fault reporting for intelligent monitoring. The ISL6146 provides reverse-current fault isolation with a 6-A turn-off current, delivering fast response to preempt potential damage to upstream components in cases of power loss. Measuring just 3 x 3 mm, it requires a minimum number of external components for power-supply systems in infrastructure-equipment applications. Features and specifications

  • Wide 3- to 20-V bias, 1- to 20-V operating voltage, supports a range of applications
  • ISL6146A and ISL6146B are optimized for very low voltage operation, down to 1 V
  • Hot-swap transient rated to 24 V to ensure reliability
  • Five options for various types of applications
Pricing and availability The ISL6146 is available now in 8-lead MSOP and DFN packages. Prices start at $1.20 each in 1,000-unit quantities. Intersil ISL6146 product deeplink