Intersil offers first 30A fully-encapsulated ?power module


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DC/DC Power Module delivers 100W from mere 17 mm2 PCB

ISL8225M Pinout circuit

Targeted at "saving on implementation costs, and improving time to revenue" for computing, networking and telecom infrastructure equipment, industrial, medical equipment and general purpose POL (point-of-load) power, Intersil Corporation, launches ISL8225M, industry's first 30A fully-encapsulated power module. Designer and manufacturer of high-performance analog, mixed signal and power semiconductors, Intersil believes it has dramatically simplified the design of board-mounted power with the ISL8225M featuring s a dual 15A, single 30 A step down power module. The ISL8225M can deliver up to 100W output power from a small 17mm square PCB. The two 15A outputs may be used independently or combined to deliver a single 30A output. Current sharing and phase interleaving allow up to six modules to be paralleled for 180A output capability. Excellent efficiency and low thermal resistance permit this full power operation without heat sinks or fans. With the aim of simplifying the design for a high-performance board-mounted power supply the Intersil ISL8225M needs only a few external components to create a very dense and reliable power source. The QFN package with the external leads allows easy probing and a visual inspection of solder work. The ISL 8225MEVAL has two board setup procedures, 6-Phase, 90A and 30A, single output as well as a dual 15A optional 30A cascadable evaluation board. Features and Benefits

  • Dual 15A or single 30A output from a 17mm square PCB footprint
  • 4.5V to 20V input voltage range
  • 0.6V to 6V output voltage range
  • Up to six modules may be paralleled to support 180A output current
  • Full power operation without heat sinks or fans
  • Exposed QFN package leads permit easy probing and visual solder inspection
Pricing and Availability The ISL8225M is currently available in a 17mm x 17mm QFN package with prices starting at $48.85 each in 500-unit quantities. Intersil