Inverted thru-board connectors offer low-profile space savings for LED lighting apps



Thru Board Card Edge and Poke-in Platform Connectors

TE Connectivity, a leader in connectivity, announced their latest Inverted Thru Board (ITB) Card Edge and Poke-in Platform Connectors that provide a low-profile and increased power delivery solution for LED lighting applications. The ITB Card Edge and ITB Poke-in Platform Connectors are two-position connectors that share the same PC board footprint while offering flexibility in providing either a direct card edge mating solution or a poke-in wire connection to the underside of the LED array boards. The connectors provide 3.0mm creep and clearance from other conductive components on FR4 and metal-clad PC boards making them suitable for higher voltage designs.

“These new connectors were designed to be assembly-friendly; they have a flat top surface which allows vacuum pick up,” said Alex Hunt III, Global Product Manager, TE Connectivity Intelligent Buildings. “And with the unique method of underside board mating, it simplifies the power delivery into LED arrays by eliminating various top surface wire management issues.”

Protruding only 1.55mm above the printed circuit board without a cover and 1.99mm with a cover, LED light obstruction due to the connector is minimized. To further optimize system optical performance, the connector is designed with rounded corners to minimize shadowing from the light emitting surface. Additional design features include surface mount hold-downs which provide stability during processing and during driver board mating and unmating in the card edge version and during wire insertion in the poke-in version.

The ITB Card Edge Connector is offered in two versions to accommodate board thicknesses of 1.0mm or 1.6mm. The ITB Poke-in accommodates 18AWG-22AWG or 22-26 AWG wire and features an integral wire insulation guide barrel to aid wire termination. The connectors are ideal for retrofit LED bulb applications as well as in track, spot, and down light applications.

TE Connectivity