IP65-Rated Rocker Activated Switch/Circuit Breaker


Motors & Motion Control, Switch, Thermal Management

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MIDDLEBOROUGH, Mass. – Sager Electronics is now stocking E-T-A’s 3120-N series IP65 rated rocker activated switch/circuit breaker.

E-T-A's IP65 rated 3120-N thermal circuit breaker/switch combination unites overcurrent protection and the function of an ON/OFF switch within a single component. The trip element is a thermal bimetal. The 3120-N series is ideally suited for overload protection of motors, pumps, transformers and cables. After tripping, it can reliably, easily and quickly be reset. The positively trip-free mechanism ensures reliable disconnection of the circuit even with the actuator blocked.

The 3120-N rocker activated switch/circuit breaker is ideal for medical and laboratory equipment, machine construction, professional tools, household appliances, and audio equipment.

E-T-A’s 3120-N series rocker activated switch/circuit breakers are in stock at Sager Electronics.

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