IPI's battery charging transformers support rugged industrial apps



Battery Charging Transformer Series

With their novel perfect-layer coil winding technology, the new highly reliable Battery Charging Transformer Series from Innovative Power (IPI), a Datatronics company, is designed to support a wide range of standard and custom voltage battery-powered devices that operate in rugged industrial plant environments.

IPI battery charger transformers step down the AC input voltage to the required level of the battery charger, which is essentially a DC power source. They are high-power transformers that produce a high current output matched to the particular voltage lead-acid battery under charge.

The IPI battery charger transformers are available with standard 120/240 input voltages (60 or 50 Hz) to support 12/24/36/48 V lead acid batteries. Custom voltages are available from 10 to 5000 VA. They are ideal for the many different types of industrial battery chargers, which support industrial plant equipment such as fork lifts, tow tugs, factory carts, truck pallet lifters and more.

The Battery Charging Transformer Series from IPI features a flexible, modular design. Special and custom design configurations are available from the IPI Design Center. These transformers can be customized to meet individual application requirements for vibration, temperature, humidity and shock to ensure accurate performance and reliable operation.

IPI’s Battery Charging Transformer Series is manufactured according to world class standards in IPI’s cellular manufacturing facility, which meets ISO 9001-2008. IPI provides strict quality control procedures and testing in its own Environmental Test Laboratory to ensure performance and life.

In single piece quantity, the Battery Charging Transformers Series is available beginning at $5.00 each to $80.00 each depending on specific performance features and other customer requirements. Lead-time is stock to six weeks.

Innovative Power