IR Introduces High Efficiency, Low Voltage Output DC-DC Converter Solutions for High Reliability Spacecraft Applications Using Digital Technologies



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International Rectifier, IR (NYSE: IRF), a world leader in power management technology, today introduced the GH Series of radiation hardened (RAD-Hard™) DC-DC converters. The new 50 W devices are designed to maximize efficiency for onboard spacecraft applications requiring long mission life up to 15 years. The GH Series of devices is suitable for designs using new digital signal processors and FPGA technologies that require a supply voltage as low as 1.0 V. Key features include 18 V to 40 V input range, total ionization dose (TID) of over 100 krad (Si), single event effect (SEE) (Heavy Ions) with rated LET greater than 82 MeV.cm2/mg, internal EMI filter complying with most major satellite power buses, and a weight of less than 110 g. "As a low output voltage, highly efficient solution, the GH Series addresses the ongoing need to reduce the overall size and weight of the system together with the increasing requirements of FPGA and other digital circuitries for increased bandwidth and data processing speed of spacecraft electronics," said Tiva Bussarakons, marketing director for IR's HiRel DC-DC Converter Products. The GH Series was developed using a proven space-level design methodology that includes selection of established reliable components and fully de-rated to the requirements of MIL-STD-1547. The devices feature magnetically coupled feedback to ensure robust operation under the intended radiation environments. The output models range from 1.0 V to 5.0 V with current rating of up to 20 A and high efficiency up to 87 percent. Output is adjustable with an external resistor for a precise output voltage setting with the adjustment range of ±10% of the rated output voltage. Other key features include remote sense compensation, remote output on/off control via Inhibit pin, input under-voltage protection with under-voltage lockout (UVLO), and synchronization for applications with multiple converters. Datasheets for the devices are available on the International Rectifier website. Availability and Pricing Pricing for the GH2803R3S begins at US $17,500 each for 5-10 unit quantities. Production orders are available immediately. Prices are subject to change. This product is subject to U.S. export control laws and regulations. About International Rectifier International Rectifier (NYSE:IRF) is a world leader in power management technology. IR's analog and mixed signal ICs, advanced circuit devices, integrated power systems and components enable high performance computing and reduce energy waste from motors, the world's single largest consumer of electricity. Leading manufacturers of computers, energy efficient appliances, lighting, automobiles, satellites, aircraft and defense systems rely on IR's power management benchmarks to power their next generation products. For more information, go to