IR Introduces smallest claimed PFC boost IC in a 5-pin SOT-23 package



International Rectifier, a leader in power management technology, announced the introduction of the IRS2505LTRPBF, the industry's smallest power factor correction (PFC) boost IC in a 5-pin SOT23 package for switch mode power supply (SMPS), LED drivers, fluorescent and HID electronic ballast applications. The IRS2505L extends IR's μPFC PFC control IC family and features a novel control system that can implement a PFC controller with only five pins, significantly reducing overall system size, component count and system cost. The IRS2505L may be configured to operate in critical conduction boost PFC, buck or flyback configuration. The IC incorporates a free-running frequency oscillator with on- and off-time control of the boost power MOSFET. The on-time feature is used to maintain an accurate and constant DC bus output voltage while providing a sinusoidal-shaped AC mains input current for high power factor and ultra-low total harmonic distortion. The off-time is determined by the inductor current zero-crossing detection circuit that does not require a secondary winding, further cutting component count. "Power factor correction continues to be a critical requirement for the world's electrical grids as more and more electronics are consumed in the marketplace. The IRS2505L is a very simple, yet versatile IC that includes several novel features and functions. The result is a solution that dramatically reduces circuit component count while delivering excellent PFC performance and output regulation," said Tom Ribarich, Director of Lighting Systems and Applications, IR's Energy Saving Products Business Unit. The IRS2505L offers wide input voltage and load range, regulated DC bus output voltage and programmable DC bus voltage level. Protection features include DC bus over-voltage protection, programmable MOSFET over-current protection and integrated ESD protection on all pins. Micro-power start-up current, 20.8V internal Zener clamp on VCC and latch immunity on all inputs & outputs are also featured. Availability and Pricing Pricing for the IRS2505L begins at US $0.25 each in quantities of 10,000-units. Production quantities are available immediately. The devices are lead free and RoHS compliant. International Rectifier