IS Versions of Contact Tracing IoT Tech for Oil & Gas


Solutions Help Organizations Optimize Capital Projects, Daily Operations; Enable Safer Operations through Social Distancing and Contact Tracing

Triax Technologies, Inc., launched Intrinsically Safe (IS) variants of its market-leading IoT solutions to address the specific needs of the energy and hazardous industrial markets. The IS versions are available for the Spot-r network, which provides onsite visibility to improve worker safety and productivity; and Proximity Trace, providing social distancing and contact tracing, which has been critical during the COVID-19 pandemic. The IS offerings build upon the company’s success in the construction market, meeting the unique needs in oil & gas chemical processing and other hazardous environments which require stringent controls to keep workers safe.

Spot-r and Proximity Trace for Energy and Industrial Markets

Spot-r combines a powerful and reliable proprietary network, compact worker wearable devices, and an intuitive cloud-based dashboard to provide real-time, data-driven visibility into workers, equipment and specific areas of interest to increase productivity and safety across facilities.

Through a partnership with United Rentals, Triax has deployed Spot-r in many industrial settings, including several INVISTA petrochemical facilities. “Spot-r has played a critical role at INVISTA, giving us the visibility and data we need to meet our key safety and productivity goals at our worksites,” said Zack Steffen, Sourcing Transformation Leader at INVISTA. “With Spot-r, we’ve been able to streamline our operations, eliminate workflow bottlenecks, and measure our crews’ productivity levels. We’re excited about the availability of the Intrinsically Safe solution, so we can bring these benefits to sites that require IS controls in hazardous areas.”

Proximity Trace is a worker wearable device enabling safe social distancing by alerting workers with an audible and visual alarm when they are in close proximity to each other. The device continuously records those close interactions for digital contact tracing in the event that there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 or other illness. With reliable worker interaction information, companies can better determine how to continue to operate safely without the need to shut down the entire operation.

More information can be found at Triax Technologies.