JFZ series X2 EMI suppression film caps rated to 310Vac



JFZ series X2 interference suppression, metalised polyester film, capacitor

Components Bureau introduces the JFZ series of X2 interference suppression, metalised polyester film, capacitors. A rated mains voltage of up to 310Vac allows the JFZ series to be used with 277Vac nominal inputs, prevalent in the US market for lighting, in addition to 115Vac and 230Vac nominal mains voltages. This makes the JFZ series ideal for a significant number of applications including power supplies, lighting ballasts, LED lighting, control devices and instrumentation.


The RoHS compliant series is available in industry standard capacitance values ranging from 2200 pF to 2.2 µF, with a standard tolerance of ±10%. Safety certifications have been granted by VDE and ENEC for Europe and UL/cUL for North America to the IEC/EN/UL 60384-14 standard. X2 capacitors can be used continuously between line and neutral, and are designed to fail safe in an open circuit condition, rather than short circuit, to prevent hazards. The non-inductive capacitors are enclosed in a UL94V-0 plastic case sealed with epoxy resin, and will operate over a wide -40ºC to 110ºC temperature range.


The JFZ series represents an improvement over the previous JFV series, with lower pricing and improved lead-times of just 5 to 7 weeks ex-factory (MOQ 5,000 pieces). The maximum operating voltage, which has been enhanced from 275Vac to 310Vac, also gives the design engineer additional margin for reliability.


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