Keithley Kickstart 2.1 Adds Scope Support and More



Scope setup view

KickStart instrument control software accelerates the path to results and enables quick test setup and data visualization when using single or multiple instruments. With the release of KickStart 2.1, this software is now available for use with a broader range of Keithley instruments, and for the first time can be used with Tektronix mid-range oscilloscopes.

Included with the base KickStart package are four instrument apps: I-V Characterizer, Data Logger, DMM, and Power. Building on KickStart 2.0 introduced last year, the latest release offers several enhancements, including:

·       Addition of a Scope app for use with Tektronix scopes

·       Improved digitizer operations for the DMM7510 and DMM6500 in the DMM app

·       A new auto-exporting feature with support for .csv and .xlsx formats

·       Support for more Keithley instruments, including:

o   Models 2000, 2010, 2100, 2110, 6485, 6487, 6514 in DMM app

o   Models 2470, 2606B, 2657A in I-V Characterizer app

o   Model 3706A in Data Logger app

The new Scope app allows users to collect and log scope waveforms, screen captures, measurements, and save/export data to disk. Currently supported oscilloscopes include the MDO3000 and MDO4000 series of mixed domain oscilloscopes along with the MSO3000 and MSO4000 series of mixed signal oscilloscopes. The new 3 Series MDO and 4 Series MSO will be supported in a future release as well.

KickStart simplifies instrument operation across the board while providing comprehensive support for a number of important application areas. With KickStart 2.1 installed on a laptop or PC, users can literally take instruments out of the box and start gathering real data in minutes, complete with plots and quick statistical summaries. As shown in the Scope app screenshots below, KickStart 2.1 offers intuitive operation while presenting data in both tabular and graphical formats.

Now, let’s take a closer look at how KickStart 2.1 improves support for two of the most popular application areas for this software: device characterization and data logging:

Device characterization involves the testing of everything from materials and discrete semiconductor components to complete electronic modules. Very often, this testing takes place early in the device design cycle when the users are exploring the boundaries of device performance. With KickStart version 2.1, users are able to:

·       Save time by automating data collection from multiple instruments without programming

·       Discover anomalies and trends faster through quick data visualization and using built-in tools for easy data comparisons

·       Reliably replicate test setups and share test configurations and data with colleagues

Data logging involves the need to reliably log large amounts of data to the PC. This type of testing typically takes place later in the design cycle when devices need to be qualified for production under a variety of environmental conditions. Accelerated life testing and reliability testing are also common. A subset of data logging applications includes logging and capturing analog waveforms and validating compliance to regulatory and industrial standards. With KickStart 2.1 users can:

·       Run longer automated tests with larger data handling capability than previous versions of KickStart

·       Monitor waveforms with the new Scope app

·       Reliably log data direct to PC storage media, so that the data is preserved even in the event of power outage.

·       Quickly and easily setup multi-channel data acquisition instruments with streamlined setup screen

KickStart 2.1 software is available now. To learn more, go to: