KEMET Announces CECC Qualified Parts for European Military and Aerospace Applications



KEMET, a leading manufacturer of tantalum, ceramic, aluminium, film, paper and electrolytic capacitors, has announced that its T110, T140 and T493 tantalum capacitor products lines are CECC Qualified for European military and aerospace applications. "KEMET is pleased to offer CECC certification on three of our tantalum capacitor families," said Ed Jones, KEMET Business Development Manager for Advanced Tantalum Technologies. "This qualification is key for European military and aerospace customers requiring CECC certification and demonstrates KEMET's commitment to critical applications on a global scale." Available immediately, CECC Qualification applies to all part numbers in the T110 and T140 Hermetically Sealed Series and the T493 Military/Aerospace Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) MnO2 Series. The KEMET T110 and T140 Hermetically Sealed Series, qualified to CECC 30201-011, are designed for use in high humidity environments. These axial through-hole products are compact, ruggedly built, and developed miniaturized circuitry. Especially suited for coupling, bypass, filtering and R-C timing circuits, they exhibit excellent stability, extremely low DC leakage current, dissipation factor, and ESR/impedance over a wide temperature and frequency range. Both the T110 and T140 are available RoHS compliant. Additional testing performed on all orders of these series' includes: life test 40 hours at 85°C 100%, solderability 13 piece sample, temperature stability 13 piece sample, visual inspection 13 piece sample and dimensional 5 piece sample. The KEMET T493 Series, qualified to CECC 30801-005, is designed for the COTS requirements of critical decoupling and filtering applications. This series is a surface mount product offering various lead-frame plating, Weibull grading, and surge current testing options. Standard, low, and ultra-low ESR options are available. Additional testing performed on all orders of this series includes: surge current 10 cycles -55/+85°C, visual examination 124 piece sample, dimensional 124 piece sample, solderability 12 piece sample, and resistance to solvent 12 piece sample.