KEMET expands Its high-reliability hermetic-seal product line



KEMET has announced the expansion of its High Reliability Hermetic Seal product line to include a high-temperature solder option. This option indicates an internal construction solder with a minimum melting point of +221 degrees Celsius (°C). To simplify the ordering process and provide absolute identification, KEMET has assigned new series for this product including, T215 High Temperature Solder Series, T225 High Temperature Solder Series, T245 High Temperature Solder Series and T255 High Temperature Solder Series. "This addition to KEMET's High Reliability Hermetic Seal Product Line now provides KEMET's customers with the most complete offering of MIL-PRF-39003 capacitors available from any manufacturer," said Per Loof, KEMET Chief Executive Officer. "This new release provides our customers with the option of procuring MIL-PRF-39003 with the high temperature solder option. Customers utilising this product now enjoy the benefits of a wider temperature margin during board mounting processes," said Phil Lessner, KEMET Senior Vice President, Chief Technology and Marketing Officer. Typical markets include alternative energy, medical, telecommunications, transportation, and defence and aerospace. These devices are well-suited for coupling, bypass, filtering and RC timing circuits, and complement KEMET's T110, T140, T212, T252 and T242 capacitors. Kemet