KEMET expands Its polymer tantalum capacitor portfolio



KEMET recently announced the expansion of its KEMET Organic Capacitor (KO-CAP) family with the release product extensions for the T521 High Voltage Polymer Series, as well as first-to-market extensions for the T540 and T541 Hi-Rel Polymer Commercial-Off-the-Shelf (COTS) Series and T543 Polymer Tantalum COTS Series. In addition to use in higher voltage input rails such as 48 volt telecom rails, these 63 volt releases are ideal for 48 volt automotive power supplies currently in development and avionics designers seeking high voltage ratings that meet the transient and overvoltage requirements of MIL-STD-704F for the 28 volt power bus. Typical markets include telecommunications, transportation, computer, industrial, lighting, alternative energy, and defense and aerospace. These devices complement KEMET's T520, T493, 497, and T528 Series. "KEMET's continued advancements in polymer technology now allow designers working with higher voltage power systems, such as 48 volt telecom rails, to take full advantage of the benefits found in polymer tantalum capacitors," stated Dr. Philip Lessner, KEMET Senior Vice President, Chief Technology and Marketing Officer. "KEMET's initial offerings included an industry leading capacitance value of 15 ÎF with a 35 volt rating, which was later extended to a 50 volt rating. The 63 volt rating now allows designers to use KEMET polymer capacitors on line voltages up to 50 volts," continued Dr. Lessner. Technical Information KEMET's T521 High Voltage Polymer Series offers the benefit of greater capacitance in small form factors as well as enhanced electrical performance. Compared to current industry-leading capacitor values, these new releases allow designers to replace up to three of the highest rated component values previously available with a single component, thereby providing the lowest cost solution for power management. KEMET's Polymer COTS Series has been designed, manufactured and tested to ensure high reliability and robust performance characteristics. With the lowest ESR values in the industry, these devices result in significantly lower capacitance roll-off at frequency and temperature. Along with excellent power dissipating ability, this provides ripple current capability approximately three times higher than the equivalent MnO2 capacitor. Kemet