KEMET unveils advanced high-stability ceramic dielectric capacitor tech



Advanced U2J Class-I ceramic dielectric capacitor

KEMET, a leading supplier of electronic components, introduced its advanced U2J Class-I ceramic dielectric capacitors. This U2J surface mount platform offers more than twice the capacitance available in C0G/NP0. It also provides superior temperature performance over X7R, X8R and X5R, rendering it an ideal capacitor solution for many applications including telecom, data acquisition and Internet of Things.

“KEMET continues its leadership position in Class-I dielectric product offerings with the release of this new U2J dielectric technology,” said Abhijit Gurav, KEMET Vice President of Ceramic Technology. “These new U2J capacitors offer the highest capacitance values for Class-I ceramic dielectrics in the industry while providing excellent voltage stability similar to our commercially-successful C0G.”

U2J capacitors are extremely stable with a linear capacitance change with temperature, enabling design engineers to predict the change in capacitance over the operating temperature range. They also retain over 99% of nominal capacitance at full rated voltage and extend the available capacitance of Class-I dielectric MLCCs into a range previously available only in Class-II dielectrics. U2J capacitors are Pb-Free, RoHS and REACH compliant without exemptions. U2J MLCCs are available now in commercial grade and with a flexible termination option.

U2J capacitors