Kepco programmable supply delivers 750 W in 1U half-rack


Interface options make for easy system integration

The KLN series power supplies are available in 11 models ranging from 0—6 V, 0—100 A to 0—600 V, 0—1.25 A. The supplies allow programming from any of five interfaces. (Click to enlarge image)

Kepco has introduced its series KLN 750-W low-profile, automatic crossover, high-performance, low-cost programmable power supply. The KLN delivers 750 W of stable DC power in a 1U, half-rack package. Eleven models range from 0-6 V, 0-100 A to 0-600 V, 0-1.25 A. Users can program voltage, current, and their limits from the front panel controls, by remote analog means, or by RS-485 digital control. GPIB or LAN interfaces are available as factory-installed options. A speed controlled fan limits acoustic noise. Applications for the KLN include ATE, Factory Automation, QC Testing, Burn-in, Thermal Process Control, and Alternative Energy R & D among others. Availability is stock to 6 weeks ARO. Single-unit quantities are available for $1300. The LAN interface adds $450. Alternatively, you can order a KLN supply equipped with the GPIB interface for $545 over the base price. More information on the KLN series power supplies is available here.