KOSTAL Solar Electric expands its inverter product range



PIKO 20 string inverters

KOSTAL Solar Electric offers a portfolio of one- and three-phase string inverters in performance categories from 3kW to 20kW. The familiar advantages of flexibility, communication and practicality of the inverter series can also be experienced with the PIKO 20.

The new PIKO 20 offers great flexibility, among other things thanks to the three independent MPP trackers, for optimal operation of various roof orientations, as well as integrated dynamic active power and self-consumption control. To this purpose, the current power requirement of the home is registered in real time with the help of a 3-phase current sensor (PIKO BA Sensor). The new PIKO is also pre- configured for most European countries and national grid adjustments take place automatically following activation of the corresponding country setting or selection of the applicable standard. This is done simply and directly via the inverter display.

The PIKO 20 also offers numerous advantages in the communication sector. A large number of integrated interfaces, e.g. for ripple control receivers, external displays or routers, allow the inverter to be integrated into an existing network with ease. Integration into intelligently controlled domestic systems is also possible thanks to its Smart Home-compatibility.

Using EEBus networking technology, the inverter can communicate with the electronic devices in the home, making economical use of the existing solar power possible. The multi-functional display, which also graphically represents all important yield data, ensures uncomplicated commissioning and easy configuration.

Despite the broad performance range, the PIKO 20 is easy to handle due to the comparably low weight and recessed grips on the sides. The PIKO is also equipped with easily accessible but protected connections and a newly designed, robust DC break switch that is flush with the housing for improved practicality.

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