KOSTAL Solar Electric's app enables easy monitoring of PV systems



KOSTAL Solar Electric PIKO Solar App

KOSTAL Solar Electric presented its own app at Intersolar Euorpe 2014 for the first time: Using the PIKO Solar App, customers will soon be able to monitor their systems easily via their smartphone or tablet – naturally free of charge. Here, customers can view important data from your PV system in a graphic display.

Using the app you can monitor your DC yield and see how much electricity you’re feeding into the grid. If the app user has one of the latest PIKOs and the PIKO BA sensor, he’ll also be able to see how much electricity is being used in your building. With the PIKO BA system, you can even see how much of the electricity you are producing is being fed into the battery, or being used from the battery.

Besides this live data, which is updated via WLAN, you can also display past yields, i.e. from yesterday or last week, as a diagram. The PIKO Solar App is available for the Android operating system. More versions are already being planned.

PIKO Solar App

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