KOSTAL unveils new functions for three-phase PIKO string and battery inverters at Intersolar



At this year's Intersolar exhibition KOSTAL is introducing two new functions for three-phase PIKO string and battery inverters. A new shadow management feature, part of the PIKO smart optimisation concept, ensures maximum yield from partially shaded PV systems, providing better flexibility.

Especially advantageous is that it can be activated separately for each MPP input and enables the MPP tracker to intelligently distinguish genuine shade from bad weather. The automatic recognition of shadeless seasons prevents control loss. The new shadow management function will shortly be made available on the download area of the KOSTAL Solar Electric website for all new generation three-phase PIKO inverters. Strings are configured over the integrated web server.

The second new feature, smart energy control of the PIKO BA battery inverter, provides even greater inde- pendence. The new and unique smart battery control function optimally adjusts battery charge and discharge performance to household power consumption and PV energy production. This helps to broadly prevent issues such as limitation loss.

The integrated load and production forecast ensures optimal battery usage in a bid to prioritise self-consumption of available PV energy. This feature can also be retrospectively installed as an update and easily activated over the web server.

KOSTAL Solar Electric