Laird CoolZorb thermal/EMI absorber now at Mouser



CoolZorb 400 Series Thermal and EMI Absorbent Material

Mouser Electronics, an authorized distributor with the latest semiconductors and electronic components, is now stocking the CoolZorb 400 Series Thermal and EMI Absorbent Material from Laird Technologies. The CoolZorb 400 is a sponge-like material applied to electronic components that is effective in both dissipating heat and absorbing electromagnetic interference (EMI). The CoolZorb 400 is used like traditional heat sink compounds and is applied between an IC and a heat sink, while demonstrating significant advantages over traditional heat sink compounds including improved heat transfer and EMI suppression.

CoolZorb 400 Series Thermal and EMI Absorbent Material, available from Mouser Electronics, is a new material designed for IC thermal management and EMI mitigation for electronics equipment. Electromagnetic interference is a significant problem with modern high-speed electronics equipment. EMI can interfere with the proper operation of many electronic systems by inducing unwanted electric currents into wiring and PC board traces, as well as causing self-heating in magnetically conductive metals. Another problem with high-speed electronics is the heat generated by ICs running at high clock speeds. All high speed ICs must dissipate heat or equipment may malfunction or even become permanently destroyed.

The Laird CoolZorb 400 series is a hybrid EMI absorbent and thermal management material that is used like traditional heat absorbent compounds. The CoolZorb is composed of a silicone gel binder that gives the material a tackiness typical of standard thermal gap filler materials. The CoolZorb’s material demonstrates thermal conductivity rated at 2.0W/m K, and EMI suppression starting at the microwave frequency range with excellent EMI suppression at and above 5GHz.

CoolZorb suppressors are ideal for compact electronic devices such as medical equipment, Wi-Fi and other RF modules, power supplies, and low power consumer electronics.


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