Large Diameter High Temp Solder-In EMI Filters



Spectrum Advanced Specialty Products announces the latest addition to their solder-in filter product line, .400" diameter mounting with high temperature construction able to withstand 300°C installation. This new solder-in filter offers increased capacitance compared to Spectrum's miniature solder-in series, with cap. values up to 1.2 μF. The higher cap values make this filter ideal for low to medium impedance circuits where large amounts of capacitance-to-ground can be tolerated. Spectrum's large diameter EMI filter provides excellent filtering in applications with voltage ratings of up to 400 VDC and 125 VAC/400Hz. Additionally, the filter meets or exceeds applicable portions of MIL-PRF-28861/13, and is suitable for the military/aerospace, microwave, industrial and communications markets. These filters are a lower cost alternative to competitive models and are a direct drop-in replacement. Customized versions of the solder-in filter are available with a variety of terminations, sizes and circuit configurations. Pricing begins at $5.00 and varies depending on quantity and other specifications. About Spectrum Advanced Specialty Products: Spectrum Advanced Specialty Products produces coaxial filters & interconnects, advanced ceramics, antennas & assemblies, specialty connectors & harnessing and power filters & film modules. Spectrum Advanced Specialty Products is a Spectrum Control Business.? About Spectrum Control: Spectrum Control, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, is comprised of four businesses: Advanced Specialty Products, Sensors and Controls, Power Management Systems, and Microwave Components and Systems. Spectrum Microwave produces a wide range of microwave components and systems. Products include microwave filters, amplifiers, mixers, voltage-controlled oscillators (VCOs), dielectric resonator oscillators (DROs) and a wide range of RF & microwave systems & assemblies. Spectrum Sensors & Controls Precision Positioning Sensors Operation produces potentiometers and position sensors including rotary, motorized, hollow shaft, linear and fader types, as well as element segments and custom assemblies. The company's Advanced Thermal Products Operation produces temperature sensing probes and assemblies, PTC and NTC thermistors and resistive temperature detectors (RTDs). Spectrum Sensors also offers inertial measurement products, including accelerometers, rate gyros and six-degrees-of-freedom inertial measurement systems. Spectrum Power Management Systems produces AC and DC power distribution and remote management systems. Power solutions include off-the-shelf products as well as customized products or systems designed to suit specific user requirements.