Latest BenchVue software version eliminates instrument programming for custom creation of automated tests



Keysight Technologies announced the release of the latest version of its popular BenchVue software. BenchVue is an intuitive, easy-to-use PC software application that provides multiple-instrument measurement visibility and data capture that eliminates the need for instrument programming.


This landmark 3.0 version of BenchVue introduces a new capability that allows for custom creation of simple automated tests. The new BenchVue Test Flow app features an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that allows for rapid prototyping of test sequences. The app combines the power of a sequencer with the data capture and analysis tools of BenchVue. The new 3.0 release also features the addition of a Network Analyzer app along with additional model support. This brings the total number of supported instruments to over 300. BenchVue 3.0’s internal architecture allows for independent updates and downloads of individual applications. With BenchVue 3.0, downloads are smaller, updates are faster, and application software releases are no longer tied to BenchVue platform releases.


“BenchVue has proven to be an enthusiastically accepted software tool among Keysight bench-instrument users.” said Rod Unverrich, Keysight’s senior software programs manager. “This milestone software release unlocks capabilities our customers have requested for custom test creation and sequencing. The software also provides additional flexibility for future solutions, including individual applications enabled by the BenchVue framework.”


BenchVue advances the way engineers interact with their instruments and their entire bench from initial connection to completing their analysis. Users simply plug an instrument into their PC over LAN, GPIB or USB and the instrument is automatically configured for use in BenchVue. No programming or separate instrument drivers are required, greatly accelerating common testing tasks for engineers and technicians. Data capture and export are accomplished with just a few clicks, keeping engineers focused on the measurement task at hand.

BenchVue’s key features include:

-Data logging for digital multimeters, oscilloscopes, data acquisition units, spectrum and network analyzers, power supplies and power sensors
-Plug and play functionality for instrument control of all supported instruments, including waveform select and output control for function generators
-A mobile application to free engineers from their bench, enabling them to remotely monitor and respond to tests
One-click screen capture with annotation for fast, professional documentation


BenchVue 3.0 software download

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