LED Driver With Edison Plug Input and Barrel Plug Output



SAN DIEGO -- Environmental Lights and ERP Power LLC (ERP) introduced the new MicroMax VIM LED Driver.

The MicroMax VIM is the result of a collaboration combining Environmental Lights' extensive lighting engineering experience with ERP's innovative LED driver technology in order to create a robust and compact LED driver that simplifies installations and maximizes the amount of power you can use on UL Class 2 standard. The drivers feature full-capacity output with an Edison plug input and barrel plug output for plug-and-play connectivity.

MicroMax VIM power supplies are compact, but they pack a powerful punch. High-quality engineering allows full-capacity output so users can power lighting at full load without derating the power supply. The MicroMax VIM drivers are designed with the smallest size constraints in mind, so they can be placed inside coves, light fixtures or SEG frames. They are UL Listed to meet the rigorous standards of Class 2 installations.

Efficient and Compact

  • Edison plug input and barrel plug output
  • 24 VDC - 90W full-capacity output
  • 179 mm x 33.3mm x 24.1 mm
  • UL Listed Class 2

MicroMax VIM drivers are available exclusively on EnvironmentalLights.com.

Learn more online at www.erp-power.com.