LED flourescent-replacement tubes deliver an industry-leading 130 lumens per watt



Energy Focus announced the launch of its new EF(R) Series 300 product family of LED tubes for fluorescent retrofit applications. The LED tubes deliver an industry-leading 130 lpw (lumens per watt) efficiency. "Our new EF 300 Series family of LED fluorescent retrofit products offer unparalleled value without sacrificing quality of light. We believe that this ground-breaking product will enable us to provide a significant number of commercial retrofit customers with payback of their initial investment in as few as 2-3 years - even without rebates," said James Tu, Executive Chairman. "The most cost effective approach in a typical retrofit troffer application, for example, is to change out the fluorescent bulbs and ballast reusing the ceiling fixture and lens. Here just two of our EF-380 18 watts tubes can replace up to four T-8 fluorescents, saving more than 80 watts of power with a 70% reduction in energy use. The energy reduction, of course, makes more power available for the grid. It's the equivalent of creating a generating source that creates zero emissions while being an extremely attractive investment compared to the case of most renewable energy sources that still require government subsidies to compete with fossil fuel," continued Mr. Tu. "Energy Focus' aim is to be a leading provider of LED replacements for linear fluorescent tubes in the markets we choose to enter," said Mr. Tu. "We've achieved that goal with the US Navy's recent adoption of our Intellitube(R) military products for both existing and next generation ships, and we have gained significant momentum in the Energy Services Companies (ESCO) performance contracting market where we have seen dramatically more LED products being proposed and designed into projects today compared to the same time last year. The key to achieving the same goal in the commercial retrofit world is nothing different - to deliver industry-leading economic value over the fluorescent alternatives. Our new EF 300 Series LED lamps now enable us to bring convincing economics to the majority of ESCO end users and to open the multi-billion-dollar commercial market to energy saving LED tube retrofits."