LED High Bay Passive Power Supply with CID1 Certification


CID1 480V Passive Power Supply High Bay is Resistant to Voltage Spikes and Dirty Power in Hazardous Industrial Environments

Farmingdale, N.J. — Dialight announced CID1 Certification for its SafeSite 347V and 480V Passive Power Supply with a lumen range up to 27,000.

With minimal use of semiconductors, Dialight’s custom-designed passive power supply system provides superior surge immunity to withstand power quality issues to deliver a reliable, long-life lighting solution in 480V applications. This longevity and performance, backed by Dialight’s industry-leading 10-year warranty, increases safety in the workplace and significantly decreases lighting maintenance to maximize ROI and total cost of ownership (TCO) even in the harshest conditions.

In addition to offering high power factor and energy saving efficiency, the system creates very low EMI. The passive power supply design is also inherently less susceptible to surge and transient power issues. The product is rated for operation at full power even in high-temperature environments without reducing the light output.

For more information about Dialight’s CID1 Passive Power Supply, along with other new products designed for high-voltage applications, visit www.dialight.com.