LightManufacturing selects Power-Save Energy as supplier of photovoltaic solar panels for solar manufacturing systems


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Click image to enlarge: A LightManufacturing H1 heliostat

LightManufacturing's heliostats—sun tracking mirrors—keep reflected sunlight on a target, providing heat and light for buildings and industry without the use of fossil fuels. The firm markets its H1 heliostat as the lowest cost per reflected watt heliostat available, in part due to the use of a tensioned reflective membrane instead of glass. The firm sells the H1 heliostat as a stand-alone product and as part of solar plastic molding systems. These systems focus heat from ten or more heliostats onto a metal mold, melting plastic and making useful products like water tanks. No fossil fuels heat the molds, saving money and reducing emissions. While most of the energy the molding systems use comes from the Heliostats, electricity is still necessary to turn the mold and run the system's electronics. "A typical solar-rotational molding system has about 500 W of onboard PV installed," says LightManufacturing CEO Karl von Kries, "…as compared with about 20 kW of energy we collect from the heliostat array." "We wanted to work with a strong local partner, and Power-Save has a great track record of supporting large scale PV customers, including state government and corporate projects," continued von Kries. Additional considerations were Power-Save's strong supply chain and high-quality photovoltaic modules—important considering the volatile nature of the PV market. "We need a firm that's selling a quality product, that can meet our deliverable requirements, and wants to work with us in the long term," says von Kries. "When we ship a Solar Rotational Molding system, it's a complete factory-in-a-box, and it's likely to be installed at a remote location without a lot of local support. We need to know that the PV modules we supply along with our heliostats and solar thermal gear are going to be there for the long haul." LightManufacturing developed the patents-pending SRM (solar rotational molding) technology in 2009, and has a full-scale molding facility in California making parts for commercial customers. The firm anticipates sale of turn-key SRM systems in 1Q13. Power-Save Energy is a broad-based solar and energy saving product manufacturing and distribution firm founded in 2006, with expertise in photovoltaics, solar attic fans, radiant barrier, power factor correction devices and HID lighting controllers. The firm sells to consumers, business, and government agencies, with no limit on project size or scope. LightManufacturing's H1 heliostats are available starting at $1349. LightManufacturing Power-Save Energy