Linear's configurable 2A μModule regulator is protected against input surges up to 60V



Linear Technology introduced the LTM8050, 2A μModule® regulator that is protected against input surges up to 60V and can be configured as a step-down or an inverting (i.e., negative output) converter. With 60V input voltage protection, the LTM8050 can be used safely in applications where the main power bus may be susceptible to large voltage spikes or deviations. Examples of such applications are automotive, avionics, factory automation, heavy equipment, transportation, robotics and industrial systems. The LTM8050's operating input voltage is from 3.6V to 58V (60Vmax) and the output is adjustable with one resistor from 0.8V to 24V. When configured as an inverter, the output is adjustable from -0.8V to -24V. The LTM8050 includes an inductor, DC/DC regulator, power FETs, and the compensation circuitry, all housed in a 9 x 15 x 4.92mm BGA package. To increase load current above 2A, up to four LTM8050s can be current shared to deliver as much as 8A. In systems sensitive to switching regulator noise requiring out of band operation, the LTM8050's switching frequency can be adjusted over a wide range from 100kHz to 2.4MHz with an external resistor. The LTM8050 is available for operation in two temperature ranges of -40°C to 125°C and -55°C and 125°C. 1000-piece pricing starts at $14.00 each. Linear Technology