Liquid Pumps Provide Durable Hydraulic Power Source



High Pressure Equipment Company (HiP), a subsidiary of Graco Inc., introduces its T-Series pneumatically operated liquid pumps, engineered to provide an extremely safe, reliable and durable hydraulic power source for applications up to 68,000 psi (4,688 bar). Combining HiP's high pressure expertise with Graco's extensive pump engineering background, T-Series pumps address many of the shortcomings commonly found in today's air-driven liquid pumps. Premium T-Series pumps are built to run at their maximum rated pressure and feature a robust motor and seal design that delivers a long service life. In addition, these pumps do not require a lubricated air source.

HiP T-Series pumps achieve a "bubble tight" pressure stall that can be used for high pressure applications such as bolt tensioning, pressure testing, power pressing, jacking, lifting, hydraulic power units, proof testing components, valve actuation and many more.

The T6000 series of pumps has a 6 inch air cylinder and a maximum operating pressure of 58,000 psi (4000 bar), while T7500 series pumps have a 7.5 inch air cylinder and a maximum operating pressure of 68,000 psi (4690 bar). Both pump series are available in 9 different pump ratios and four different plunger seal materials, and have a 2.5 inch pump stroke with a maximum flow rate of 177 in3/min (2.9 lpm) at 80 CPM air drive pressure.

The new T-Series pump features the Merkur Air Motor from Graco, one of the highest technology air motors on the market with a proven 10 year record of performance. Merkur air motors deliver increased efficiency through their low air consumption and use a heavy duty muffler to provide low operating sound levels without the need for additional mufflers.

T-Series pumps are designed for heavy duty operation and built for the most demanding applications. These pumps can achieve their maximum working pressure time and time again unlike intermittent duty rated pumps. A severe duty plunger seal provides for less downtime and the separated pump air section helps prevent fluid leaks into air motor.

This new pump family incorporates several features that make it particularly easy to service and to help minimize downtime. The Merkur air motor has external valve access to allow the shuttle valve to be serviced without disassembling the pump. There is quick and easy access to plunger seals and the pump assembly uses a retaining ring that allows for 360° rotation for easy installation and service.

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