LLC transformer offers up to 99% efficiency and 50% real-estate savings



Providing up to 99% efficiency with low power loss, the latest LLC transformer from Precision combines two discrete components - a resonant inductor and transformer - into a single package reducing costs by as much as 75% and real estate up to 50%. The Precision LLC transformer is ideally suited for use in converters for a wide range of efficiency-sensitive applications including LED and LCD televisions, industrial LED lighting and any AC/DC power converter with a PFC front end. "As Energy Star tightens specifications for consumer products, the Precision LLC transformer is ideally suited to ensure maximum efficiency," explained Welly Chou, Product Technology Manager at Precision. "Precision has combined a highly-efficient and highly-engineered product with market-leading technical support to offer customers significant cost savings and performance enhancements." The LLC transformer is a key component in determining the efficiency of an LLC resonant converter. A resonant power conversion topology minimizes switching losses by promoting zero voltage switching (ZVS), minimizing unnecessary power dissipation in switches. Power dissipation can be lowered to as little as 5%, ensuring 99% transformer efficiency and 95% overall efficiency. Precision supports the company´s new high performance LLC transformer with market-leading technical support. Experienced engineers study the LLC transformer design to obtain the correct leakage inductance through bobbin and litz wire optimizations. Their expertise in this area can be applied to each unique application to reduce transformer losses and costs by as much as 30%. Precision´s expert technical support is enhanced by the company´s extensive stock of litz wire and bobbins. This combination ensures that Precision customers can get the most optimized product, in the shortest amount of time. The LLC transformer is the heart of a converter's operation and any delay in delivery can add weeks or months to the design cycle. Samples of the Precision LLC transformer can be provided in as little as three days depending on design complexity, speeding time to market. Time to market is also minimized as the design is optimized from the beginning, eliminating the need for design reiterations. Precision