LNBR voltage regulator IC for satellite TV receivers


Single-channel device uses small ceramic capacitors to provide low-profile solution

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The A8303 from Allegro MicroSystems Europe is a new addition to the company's family of LNBR (low-noise block regulator) ICs for use in satellite receivers and LCD TV "combo" receivers. The new device uses small ceramic capacitors rather than electrolytic devices to provide a lower-profile solution, as well as incorporating a key output voltage setting (15.6 V) to accommodate Japan-specific design requirements. The A8303 is a single-channel LNBR IC that offers industry-leading internal protection and robustness, an integrated boost MOSFET, current sensing, and compensation which simplifies the design and minimises component count and PCB size. The A8303 has a low supply current to save energy, incorporates a high level of diagnostics, and features a resistor-programmed output current limit to minimise the boost inductor/diode size and hence costs. The A8303SESTR-T is available in a 4 × 4 TQFN/MLP-20 package. www.allegromicro.com