Load Switch from Diodes Incorporated Raises HDMI Port Protection



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Fully compliant with the HDMI standard, the AP2331 single channel current-limited load switch from Diodes Incorporated has been optimized for HDMI and monitor port protection duties, 3V-5V hot swap interconnects and other applications subject to heavy capacitive loads and the prospect of short-circuit. Designed for a wide range of consumer electronics products, including set-top boxes, laptops and LCD TVs, this 0.2A rated, SOT23 packaged load switch helps improve system robustness with its fast and accurate over-current, over-voltage, reverse-current, thermal and short-circuit protection features as well as controlled turn-on time and under-voltage lockout functionality. By including a built-in soft-start capability, delivering a 0.7ms typical turn-on time, the AP2331 increases system reliability by reducing inrush currents to a safe level, while its output discharge function ensures a controlled discharge of the output voltage stored on the output capacitor when disabled. The load switch's very tight 0.4A current-limiting tolerance means power rail current requirements can be reduced along with overall system cost. Device on-resistance is also low at 250m?, helping to minimize circuit voltage drop. System robustness is further enhanced by the AP2331's reverse-current blocking capability, which avoids any current leakage from output to input, and ESD protection performance rated at 3KV in HBM and 300V in MM tests. The AP2331 load switch is priced at $0.05 USD each in quantities of 1K. Further information is available at www.diodes.com