Low-capacitance varistors offer fast response



The ZVX Series SMD varistor is a great choice for fast response transient voltage suppression due to its low capacitance. Lower capacitance is required to eliminate possible distortion of data signals due to capacitive loading. Stackpole and Keko Varicon offer ZVX SMD Series of varistors in 0603, 0805 and 1206 case sizes with typical capacitance from 80pF to 200pF for size 0603, 100pF to 500pF for size 0805 and 165pF to 840pF for size 1206 varistors. All three sizes are available in working voltages from 2 to 30Vrms and 3.3Vdc to 38Vdc. Applications include suppression of inductive switching, protection for high-speed data lines, and ESD protection for sensitive semiconductor components. Pricing is size and voltage dependent and ranges from $0.125 to $0.40 each in full reel quantities. Stackpole