Low-current high-speed photocouplers operate to 125°C



Toshiba Electronics Europe has extended its family of high-speed photocouplers* for industrial applications. Supplied in a DIP8 package, the new TLP2955 and TLP2958 low-current drive devices provide guaranteed operation at temperatures from -40°C to 125°C. The TLP2955 and TLP2958 have a minimum isolation voltage of 5000Vrms and support data rates up to 5Mbps. Target applications include intelligent power module signal isolation, programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and high-speed digital interfaces for instrumentation and control devices. Toshiba's photocouplers can accommodate a wide input range of 3V to 20V. This minimizes the need for additional voltage conversion circuitry and ensures compatibility with 3.3V power schemes. A maximum threshold input current of just 1.6mA keeps power consumption to a minimum. The TLP2955 and TLP2958 feature, respectively, buffer logic and inverter logic totem pole output stages with current sourcing and sinking capabilities. Each device is built around a long-life GaAlAs LED coupled with a high-gain, high-speed photo detector. An internal Faraday shield provides guaranteed common mode transient immunity of 20kV/?s. Package dimensions of just 9.6mm x 7.6mm x 3.6mm make the ICs ideal for high component density, space-limited designs. Despite their small size, the devices have guaranteed creepage and clearance distances of 7mm and a minimum internal isolation thickness of 0.4mm. As a result, they allow designers to comply with a wide range of international safety standards. Toshiba