Low Dropout Regulator Offers High PSRR


Diodes Incorporated today announced the AP7353 low dropout regulator, which offers a high power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) in a small package.

The device meets the need for voltage regulation in noise-sensitive, battery-operated devices such as wearables, portables, and connected sensors.

The AP7353 is available in X1-WLB0707-4 (Type A1) and X2-DFN1010-4 (Type B) packages, each measuring less than 1mm on each side. These dimensions result in a small footprint that supports densely populated printed circuit board layouts. Despite its size, the AP7353 delivers the voltage and current levels demanded by the latest electronic devices now being deployed into the IoT, up to 4.5V at 250mA.
A PSRR of 90dB at 1kHz and low quiescent current of 18μA make the AP7353 particularly suitable for battery-powered devices that include noise-sensitive analog circuits or RF interfaces. The AP7353’s high PSRR and its 10µV wideband noise voltage help support a high signal-to-noise ratio. These attributes position the AP7353 as a leading low-dropout (LDO) regulator in this application space.


The AP7353’s enable pin allows the LDO regulator to be put into standby mode when not required. For improved robustness, short-circuit and overtemperature protection are also included. An AP7353D version is available that discharges the output when disabled.

Operating from a wide input voltage range of between 2.0V and 5.5V, the AP7353 has a fixed output voltage of between 1.8V and 4.5V with an accuracy of ±1% and line regulation of 0.001%/mA when supplying an output current from 1mA to 250mA.