Low on-state resistance power MOSFETs optimized for use as ORing FETs in power supplies


Low on-state resistance power MOSFET optimized for use for ORing in power supplies

Renesas Electronics, a premier provider of advanced semiconductor solutions, announced three new low on-state resistance MOSFET products, including the ?PA2766T1A, optimized for use as ORing FETs in power supply units for network servers and storage systems. Featuring the industry's lowest on-state resistance of 0.72 m? (typical value) for 30 V - about 50 percent lower resistance compared to Renesas' earlier products - and a high-efficiency, small surface mount package (8-pin HVSON), the new products enable high-current control in a smaller package contributing to power savings and miniaturization of the power units used for comparably large scale server storage systems. Key Features of the New Low On-State Resistance Power MOSFET Products 1) Industry's lowest on-state resistance The new ?PA2766T1A is presented as having the industry's lowest on-state resistance of 0.72 m? (typical value) for 30 V applications in a small 5 mm x 6 mm package and is less than the on-state resistance of previous Renesas products by approximately half. This contributes to improved power efficiency for the system overall by reducing the conduction loss of the ORing FETs for power supply units used in network servers and storage systems, which are the key applications to contribute to the smart society. In addition, this makes it possible to suppress large voltage drops with large currents. It is possible to attain highly precise power supply voltage even with power supply units having wide current fluctuations. 2) 8-pin HVSON package with small mounting area and support for large-current control The 8-pin HVSON package provides low package resistance because a metal plate is used to connect the FET die within the package to the pins. This, combined with the low on-state resistance of the FET die, allows for large-current control as much as rated 130 A (ID (DC)) in spite of the compact 5 mm × 6 mm size of the package. It also helps to reduce equipment size by enabling the use of the minimum number of parallel connections when multiple ORing FETs are connected in parallel to each of the power supply units in order to supply a large current. The three new MOSFETs, including the ?PA2766T1A, have on-state resistance ratings ranging from 0.72 m? to 1.05 m? (standard value). This range allows better product selection to best meet the user's requirements in terms of operating current or environmental conditions. It also allows customers to supply optimal products and contributes to improved power efficiency and reduced space requirements. Renesas Electronics Europe