Low-Power, 12-Bit, 1.8-V A/D Converter Consumes Only 660 mW at 500 MSPS



Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) has introduced two new data converters designed to deliver the speed and performance at low power necessary for a range of communications and industrial applications. Now available, the AD9434, a low-power, 12-bit, 500-MSPS (mega samples per second) A/D converter reduces thermal considerations by consuming only 660 mW of power in a space-saving 8 mm x 8 mm LFCSP package. Download data sheet and read product page: http://www.analog.com/AD9434 Order samples: www.analog.com/AD9434 Also available is an 8-bit, pin-compatible version, the AD9484 A/D converter. Download data sheet and read product page: www.analog.com/AD9484 Order samples: www.analog.com/AD9484 With 65-dBFS SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) up to a 250-MHz input frequency at 500 MSPS, the AD9434 A/D converter meets the low power, small size, and high dynamic range requirements needed for communications infrastructure, radar systems, data acquisition systems and test and measurement applications. The AD9434 A/D converter also is pin-compatible with ADI's AD9230 12-bit, 250-MSPS A/D converter to allow for easy substitution with minimal design changes in many applications. The AD9434 provides a complete signal conversion solution with sample-and-hold, voltage reference, LVDS outputs, a single 1.8-V supply and integrated data clock output with programmable clock included on the component. The LVDS digital output data and output-clock timing interface are programmable to provide flexibility with today's FPGA (field-programmable gate array) products. AD9434 12-bit A/D Converter Key Features:

  • Low power dissipation: 660 mW at 500 MSPS
  • 10.5 ENOB up to 250 MHz at 500 MSPS
  • 78 dBc SFDR up to 250 MHz at 500 MSPS
  • Integrated input buffer
  • Pin-compatible with the AD9230 A/D converter's 8 mm x 8 mm, 56-pin LFCSP
  • Linearity: DNL: ± 0.5 LSB typical; INL: ±0.6 LSB typical
Availability, Pricing and Complementary ComponentsAD9434: Available now, $125 ea. in 1k quantity, 56-lead LFCSP, 8 mm x 8 mm AD9484: Available now, $36 ea. in 1k quantity, 56-lead LFCSP, 8 mm x 8 mm The AD9434 A/D converter can be designed into circuits for communications applications with ADI's AD9523/24 low-jitter clock generator and ADL5562 ultra-low-distortion RF/IF differential amplifier. To subscribe to Analog Dialogue, ADI's monthly technical journal, visit: www.analog.com/library/analogDialogue