Low-Profile 550W AC-DC Power Supplies Offer Convection, Conduction and Fan-Cooled Ratings for Medical and Industrial Applications



Low-Profile 550W AC-DC Power Supplies Offer Convection, Conduction and Fan-Cooled Ratings for Medical and Industrial Applications

­XP Power announces a new series of low profile 550W AC-DC power supplies that are rated for convection cooling, conduction cooling and forced-air cooling. Approved for use in both medical and industrial applications; the new PSUs are suited to a wide range of applications – including sealed enclosure environments.

In the medical arena, CCP550 units will be found in a wide variety of medical devices including ventilators, patient monitors, imaging systems, and laboratory equipment. Industrial applications include a wide variety of test equipment, instrumentation, process control, printing, and UV curing. They are also suited for use in factory automation, audio / video, and Internet-of-Things (IoT) equipment.

The CCP550 series comprises a total of six different single rail outputs covering 12V, 15V, 18V, 24V, 36V and 48VDC. All units excluding the 15V model include a 12V, 0.5A fan output, and a 5V/2A standby output and remote on/off capability are offered as an option.

The double-decker aluminum substrate baseplate construction, conduction-cooled power magnetics, and high efficiency zero voltage switching (ZVS) topology combine to ensure high levels of efficiency and excellent thermal performance. As a result, operation up to 300W is possible with convection cooling and 400W is achievable with conduction cooling, enabling operation in sealed environments, silent running, and high levels of reliability.

When used with forced air of 20CFM, CCP550 units offer the full 550W output, ensuring excellent levels of power density in their low profile (37.5mm [1.48”]), 127.0mm x 76.2mm [5” x 3”] footprint.

For medical applications, CCP550 devices are approved to IEC60601-1 Ed.3 with 2 x MOPP from primary to secondary and 1 x MOPP from primary to earth and secondary to earth. Combined with low earth and patient leakage current the CCP550 is ideal for body floating (BF) patient contact medical devices.

A wide input voltage range (80 – 264VAC) ensures suitability for global usage, including home healthcare applications. Additionally, CCP550 devices can operate in ambient temperatures as high as +70°C and as low as -30°C. When the main output is inhibited, the units draw less than 0.5W, ensuring that they meet challenging energy efficiency requirements.

The CCP550 series is an easy to integrate, high power density, high efficiency solution for a wide range of fanless and fan-cooled applications including medical devices, industrial electronics, and test and measurement. Sealed, semi-sealed, and another high IP-rating usage is supported with the ability to operate when conduction cooled.

The CPP550 series is available from Digi-Key, Mouser, Newark, RS, and TRC Electronics, or direct from XP Power and offers a 3-year warranty.