Low VF Schottky diode in leadless SOD-882L package



Central Semiconductor Corp. announces the CFSH2-3L Low VF Schottky diode in the space saving, low profile SOD-882L package. This new device has a peak repetitive reverse voltage of 30V and a maximum forward current of 200mA. The exceptional low forward voltage drop of 240mV at 10mA makes the CFSH2-3L the perfect choice for space constrained designs requiring superior energy efficiency. The CFSH2-3L is an excellent choice for a wide variety of battery powered portable devices such as mobile communications and hand held products. Suitable applications include DC-DC conversion, voltage clamping, protection circuits, or any battery power management requirement. Pricing for the CFSH2-3L starts at US$0.12 each for 3,000 pieces on tape and reel. Sample devices are available upon request. Central Semiconductor manufactures innovative discrete semiconductors to meet design engineers' ever changing challenges. Specifications for this device can be found in the New Products / Latest Updates section of Central's website at: www.centralsemi.com/product/whatsnew/newprod/