Lumberg's reversible direct connectors mate anywhere on the board



SKEDD reversible direct connectors

While direct mating with the edge of the printed circuit board using RAST connectors is one of the domains of Lumberg Group, the company is now introducing a totally new type of connectors: reversible direct connectors that mate anywhere on the printed circuit board using tried and tested insulation displacement technology (IDT).

SKEDD technology makes this possible. The individual contact comprises two contact tongues which, when inserted into a plated-through hole in the PCB, retract. The contact pressure forces from the two tongues then create a steadfast mechanical-electrical connection inside the hole - no need for soldering.

Direct contacting removes the need for a corresponding part, which reduces installation space and weight. At the same time one electrical interface, one contact resistance and one potential source of defects are eliminated.

Connectors can mate and lock without tools, for total convenience when mounting entire sub-assemblies. This enables completely new designs since they can be used even right in the middle or on the reverse of a printed circuit board. Here, reversibility designed for a minimum 5 plug cycles also facilitates for the first time the simple exchange of components such as, for example, when servicing or during maintenance.

The connection with insulation displacement technology, which enables all advantages tied to automated cable assembly and therefore the convenient production of large quantities, makes a unique combination for any design anywhere on the printed circuit board possible. This facilitates the highly-automated pre-assembly of cable harnesses, a plus for the new system as cable assemblers can rely on over 30 years of know-how in proven IDT assembly. Both single and flat ribbon cables can be mated.

The casing with locking pin and safety cover ensures the durable, secure retention on the printed circuit board. Additionally, keying options using coding keys guarantee zero-defect quality during device assembly, eliminating accidental mix-ups and mismating.

Lumberg presents the 7335 connector with 2.5 mm spacing and 3 to 11 poles. Suitable for application in temperatures between -40 to +130 °C and with a rated voltage of 50 V AC, the new direct connector demonstrates its versatility and convenience of use with small load currents of up to 4 Amps (Tamb 85 °C). The contact base and cover come in PBT with a V0 UL94 flammability rating, are halogen-free and glow wire resistant. The contact springs are made of tin-plated bronze. Insertion resp. withdrawal forces per contact are 2 N and accordingly 1 N, retention forces with locking approx. 40 N.

The IDT section can be mated using existing assembly machines with single wires of a cross section ranging between 0.22 and 0.38 mm² and an insulation diameter of up to a max. 1.6 mm.

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