Lumileds Latest LUXEON CoB Core Range LEDs, Now at Mouser, Offer High Density in a Small Surface



Mouser Electronics is now stocking LUXEON CoB Core Range (Gen 4) LEDs from Lumileds. These LEDs offer high flux densities in a small light emitting surface (LES), enabling double the luminous flux of the third generation of LUXEON CoB Core Range devices. The high-density CoBs can achieve the highest center beam candlepower (CBCP) in narrow-beam (less than 20-degree) spotlight applications.

The fourth generation of Lumileds LUXEON CoB Core Range LEDs, available from Mouser Electronics, feature a single optical LES of 13, 15, or 19mm that provides high flux densities and high efficacy. LUXEON CoB Core Range (Gen 4) LED arrays are offered over a color temperature of 3000K to 4000K and CRI of 80 or 90. The CoBs provide the industry’s lowest thermal resistance, enabling smaller heat sinks and optics for lower overall system cost. The MCPCB substrate is also more robust than ceramic substrates that are subject to cracking upon assembly or use.

All the LUXEON CoB Core Range LED devices are binned with a single 3-step (80 and 90 color index rating) MacAdam ellipse to ensure optical performance in retrofit lamps and spotlight applications. LUXEON CoB Core Range LEDs are all hot-tested at 85 degrees Celsius, so that luminaire design is simplified and testing can be minimized.

The LUXEON CoB Core Range LEDs from Lumileds are designed for a broad array of general purpose and directional lighting applications including architectural lighting, downlights, high bay and low bay fixtures, and spotlights.