Luso now offering SynQor high power density quarter-bricks



SynQor NQ60W60QTx25 converter

uso introduces high voltage DC-DC converters offering higher power density in quarter-brick package to save board space
London - 2 February 2016: Luso Electronics, the sole UK and Ireland representative for the SynQor range of power supplies and related components, has announced availability of a higher power, non-isolated NiQor DC-DC converter in a quarter brick package for a range of industrial and telecom applications.

The NQ60W60QTx25 converter offers a 9-60V input range and 0-60V output range. With a maximum output power of up to 1500W, this buck boost DC-DC converter provides the engineer with higher efficiency, greater power and more design flexibility than previous similar specification devices in the NiQor family. The converter can be used alone or combined with isolated bus converters to provide even high-density power solutions.
The output voltage is user selectable via external resistor from 0V to 60V. The converter also features a settable output current limit from 0A to 25A.
SynQor has also added two further high voltage, non-isolated DC-DC converters to the NiQor family. The first is the NQ40W40QTx35, which will have a 9-40V input range, a 0-40V output range and a maximum current capability of 35A. The second is the NQ90W90QTx18, which will have a 9-90V input range, a 0-90V output range and a maximum current capability of 18A. Each converter can achieve up to 96% efficiency.
"Board space is a key consideration in selecting a converter and designers invariably want the most power in the least space. The latest technology improvements from SynQor's NiQor range deliver even greater power from the same format package and Luso anticipates significant demand from engineers within the UK and Ireland to use these converters as a result," explains Bryan Reid.

SynQor's new high-voltage, non-isolated products are available for evaluation and purchase from Luso. For more information, visit