Luso offers highly-reliable Veetronix switches and keycaps for broadcast applications


Exclusive Veetronix distributorship for UK and Ireland

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Luso Electronics Distribution offers Veetronix keyboard and panel-mount switches

Luso Electronics Distribution has announced availability of a range of Veetronix sample kits of highly-reliabile switches and keycaps, primarily aimed at broadcast applications. Veetronix manufactures highly-reliable keyboard and panel-mount switches for various markets, including video and audio mixing-desk equipment and numerous military and government applications. Luso is the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for the Veetronix range. Among the devices available are type-07 and -08 switches featuring lock-in alignment leads and sealed-reed contacts. The low-profile type-08 switches are for rack-mount panels in particular. A variety of keycaps sizes and colours are available for these switches, including solid caps and re-legendable types, with RGB LED illumination also available. These highly reliable devices feature a hermetically sealed design ensuring that no moving parts touch the contacts, preventing air, dust, moisture, or gas contamination of the switch. Luso Electronics Distribution signed with Veetronix earlier this year; the fourth distribution agreement for the company since its establishment in May 2011 as a division of Luso Electronics. Luso works with a limited number of complementary franchises for which the company provides expert technical and commercial support. Luso Electronics Distribution