MACOM releases 10W amplifier for 2-6 GHz broadband applications



M/A-COM Technology Solutions, a leading supplier of high performance RF, microwave, and millimeter wave products, announced an MMIC power amplifier for high power broadband applications. The MAAP-010169 is a two staged amplifier operating between the 2 GHz to 6 GHz frequency range. The device is fully matched for input and output at 50?, which eliminates the customers' need for any sensitive external RF tuning components. Unlike competing products the MAAP-010169 boasts high reliability with added excellent efficiency and gain, providing a high power off-the shelf solution. The MAAP-010169 is fabricated using a high reliability pHEMT process to realize higher power added efficiency and gain. The amplifier provides a nominal Gain of 18dB with outstanding input and output return loss of 8-10 dB respectively across the 2 GHz to 6 GHz band - altogether providing an excellent option for customers looking for high power solutions for their broadband applications. "The MAAP-010169 is well suited to a range of applications due to its fully-matched, broadband power performance", said Paul Beasly, Product Manager. "The convenient 10V bias operation, high gain and high power performance from 2 GHz to 6 GHz make for a versatile device that is well-suited for multiple RF and Microwave applications such as repeater amplifiers, mobile infrastructure, air traffic control radars, weather radar, radio communication and test equipment." M/A-COM Technology Solutions