Magnetic GmbH to present Portfolio at electronica 2010


electronica 2010, Hall B6, Stand 304

MAGNETEC GmbH will attend this year's electronica 2010 in Munich from 9 to 12 November. This year, the MAGNETEC team will again present new and proven products from the company's product portfolio at Stand 304 in Hall B6. MAGNETEC will present Nanocrystalline EMC filter chokes to improve efficiency of photovoltaic inverters. It is one of the most up-to-date topics within the solar voltaic Industry to further increase the efficiency of that complex process of energy conversion. Every single tenth of a percent is welcome - although more than 90 % are already state-of-the art for modern DC/AC converters. Following this target, more and more producers of inverters are currently replacing standard components by high tech solutions providing the best possible electrical efficiency. One of those examples are the chokes in the EMI filters. MAGNETEC's nanocrystalline cores offer a permeability being five times higher than ferrites which results in significantly smaller build volume and - as a consequence - the copper resistance is reduced significantly, too - typically by about 50%. In addition, MAGNETEC Cool Blueâ-cores avoid destructive bearing currents in modern Wind Energy Generators. The new Cool Blueâ range completes MAGNETEC's series of high performance toroidal cores made from the nanocrystalline material NANOPERM®. Available are cores up to 500 mm (!) outer diameter and several space saving stadium-shaped variants. The cores feature significantly improved high frequency performance due to a permeability level several times higher than any kind of ferrite. In Europe, Cool Blue cores are being used increasingly to reduce damaging bearing currents of modern inverter systems of the latest generation (doubly fed induction generators (DFIG) IGBT technology) from approx. 500kW up to about 5MW. As a consequence of those parasitic currents, the bearings corrugate followed by electrical breakdown of the lubrication which soon causes an early failure and standstill of the whole motor. The same effect occurs in modern wind energy generators, even though the direction of the energy flow is reversed in this application. Some of the leading European Wind Turbine manufacturers have successfully designed in the new Cool Blueâ cores recently because it is technically the most effective and proven solution to a severe problem and provides the best value for the money at the same time. The Cool Blueâ solution is significantly cheaper than isolating hybrid bearings. MAGNETEC will also present Cores for current transformers in electronic motor protection relays with excellent performance because Electronic Protection Relays are getting increasingly popular all over the world. They become considerably simpler and cheaper with the use of newly developed current transformers made with cores of highly permeable soft magnetic alloys. These are the best solution for protection relays to sense motor current in a reliable and safety way, because the increase in motor operating temperature reduces the winding insulation life, accurate thermal overload protection is critical. Unique combination of high-permeability and high-linearity by using sort magnetic alloys MAGNEPERM® and NANOPERM® will benefit in low amplitude deviation with high-linearity phase curves are the main advantages of the magnetic cores. Current-transformer-based motor protection relays deliver outstanding advantages in case of higher sensitivity, years of reliable functioning and maximum electrical safety in comparison to e.g. standard thermal overload relays. MAGNETEC cores for current transformers in motor protection relay will bring: help in extending life time of motor, help in optimising motor size, help in planning maintenance work and protects the drives from mechanical damage. Finally, Stand 304 in Hall B6 will present NANOPERM® LM (LowMμ) cores for DC biased applications. So far, nanocrystalline cores could not be used in applications with significant DC preload because they saturate early due to their high permeability level (> 18.000), which gives only an advantage in non DC applications. MAGNETEC now offers high saturation cores which enter into a low permeability range of typically 1.000-8.000 which was not available so far. Those cores are very much advantageous in EMC filters for applications with a high amount of asymmetric interference current (e.g. inverter drives) concerning build volume and/or attenua¬tion performance compared to the established Ferrite materials. The reason for that is, that the nanocrystalline core material NANOPERM LM (low my) offers three times as much saturation flux density at the same level of permeability. Another field of application are precision Current transformers for electronic energy meters which are currently equipped with very expensive cobalt-amorphous cores. Here, the new material offers a significant cost advantage. The new cores of the NANOPERM® LM series are offered to public during this year's electronica 2010 in Munich. Find out more at