Mascot's 100W Li-ion battery charger touts performance



Norwegian power design expert Mascot AS released their next-generation high-quality, high-performance lithium-ion battery charger, the 3240LI. The device uses a 3-stage charging profile to maximise battery performance and automatically detects whether it is connected to a 120 or 230 Volt power supply, making it ideal for global applications.
It is well suited for medical, military and consumer applications, and owners of the new 3240LI chargers will enjoy optimised uptime and turnaround for battery-powered equipment such as patient lifters, LED lighting systems and power-assisted electric bicycles. The 3240LI meets the EN 60601 and EN 61000 standards, approvals pending. 13 standard variants are currently available for charging batteries from one cell (8.5A/4.2V) to 14 cells (1.7A/58.8V).
Alternative chargers that terminate the charge on reaching the battery’s threshold voltage can shorten charging time but always leave some capacity unfilled. The 3240LI’s 3-stage charging first restores the full 4.2V battery voltage and then applies the saturation charge needed to fill the battery completely. This ensures the longest possible battery run-time. Charging finishes when the current falls to 300mA.
Mascot’s 3240LI also features a single 3-colour LED charge-status indicator, as well as a built-in Mini ATO fuse for protection against reverse battery connection. Custom and waterproof units (IP 67) are available on request.
The 3240LI is capable of charging 12V, 24V or 36V lead-acid batteries.
Key technical specifications:
* Charging capacity: 1 to 14 Li-ion cells
* Power rating: 36W (1-cell charger) to 100W (14-cell charger)
* AC input voltage range: 95-130Vac 198-264Vac
* Weight: 540g
* Dimensions: 160mm x 81mm x 44mm