Maxim's New Obsolescence Mitigation Program Ensures a Future Supply of Discontinued Mil/Aero Parts



Maxim Integrated Products Inc. (NASDAQ: MXIM) is introducing a new Obsolescence Mitigation (OM) Program to minimize the impact of integrated circuit (IC) device obsolescence on long-term military/aerospace programs. The new program ensures a future supply of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) plastic parts utilized in long-term mil/aero programs. Obsolescence Impacts Long-Term Programs The rapid evolution of semiconductor technologies has been the cornerstone and hallmark of the IC business from its earliest days. Continuous semiconductor process and manufacturing improvements allowed chips to become more integrated and added features and capabilities at startling rates. However, as is the case with high-technology products, older technologies are made obsolete to make room for newer ones. While most OEMs seek the newest product to improve their designs, that is not always the case for products and systems with longer lifetimes. In fact, many systems for long-term government and aerospace applications require access to older (and qualified) technologies. This on-going access to older technology is precisely what the Maxim(R) OM Program provides. How Obsolescence Mitigation Works The new program requires a collaborative effort between the customer and Maxim's Mil/Aero Group, and it becomes available when a part is announced as becoming obsolete. Maxim will work with the customer to set aside wafers to support the obsolescence of any COTS plastic part. Any customer who needs that part for a long-life program should then contact the Maxim Mil/Aero Group. Many devices are procured through distribution channels, and Maxim does not have visibility into who purchased products through those channels. It is thus very important that the mil/aero customer discuss the OM program with Maxim's Mil/Aero Group directly before the published last-time-buy date. Supply Is Ensured With the availability of Maxim's OM Program, mil/aero customers can safely plan for long-life programs with plastic COTS parts. They can be confident that Maxim's collaborative program is available to support future product demand. If you want to learn more about Maxim's OM Program or to contact Maxim's Mil/Aero Group, please visit: