Maxwell supercaps allow Orange to never change remote control batteries again



Maxwell Technologies, a leading developer and manufacturer of ultracapacitor-based energy storage products, announced that it is working with Celadon, a manufacturer of remote control systems for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), to provide its 10-farad (F) HC series ultracapacitors for remote controls used with the CLS-140 Cellular Media Center from set top box developer Cobalt Labs. These set top boxes are used by companies including Orange, a worldwide provider of broadband and mobile services, and can deliver a quick 70 to 80 percent charge to the remote control within four to five minutes. The ultracapacitors lower overall waste and create a worry-free experience for end users, who no longer need to deal with remote control battery replacement and disposal. Although energy storage enables optimal consumer device performance, it is overlooked as a power component of a device's energy consumption. Celadon and Cobalt Labs are providing Orange with custom, cellular modem-enabled set top boxes using a remote control with a rechargeable, non-battery power source. Each remote control has a USB port that is plugged into the set top box to charge the ultracapacitors through AC wall power. Celadon provides services from initial product concept through design and manufacturing for OEM applications worldwide. The company manufactures both infrared and radio frequency remote control solutions for consumer electronics, industrial automation, medical and custom applications. Celadon will also make the set top boxes and ultracapacitor-powered remote controls available globally as an environmentally responsible solution and for areas where batteries are not readily accessible. "Ultracapacitors charge quickly and deliver hundreds of thousands of high-power pulses over their lifetime, easily outlasting the actual product into which they are designed," said Brian Eichler, director of sales and marketing, Asia at Maxwell Technologies. "This worldwide opportunity with Celadon confirms that ultracapacitor technology is well on its way to helping consumer applications last longer, and it provides a cost savings versus an alternative battery solution." Michael Griswold, vice president of sales and business development at Celadon, said, "Ultracapacitors, as an alternative to traditional alkaline batteries, are a compelling solution for remote controls, as well as many different types of handheld devices. Maxwell's 10F HC ultracapacitor cells are capable of rapid charging without the periodic replacement batteries need, making them an efficient and environmentally responsible solution." Maxwell Technologies