Medical-Grade Ethernet Magnetics Qualified to UL 60601



In the rapidly changing healthcare industry, hospitals rely heavily on interconnected medical devices and systems as much as the medical professionals that utilize them.  That’s why patient safety, operator safety, and workflow productivity are crucial for busy hospitals and imaging centers.

The Networking Business Unit of Pulse Electronics introduces the HXU6200NL Medical Grade Four Pair Ethernet Magnetics to meet the high-performance specifications required for medical applications requiring two means of operator protection (MOOP).

The new component is qualified to UL 60601, making it a reliable choice for medical applications where equipment functionality and safety is of the utmost concern.  Some of the key features and benefits include:

  • UL60601 Qualified
  • 4P PoE 30W
  • Operating Temp. from -40C up to +85C
  • 3KVrms Voltage isolation
  • 4mm Creepage
  • 2.5mm Air Clearance
  • +12 years production support

The HXU6200NL device is perfect for medical applications such as MRI, Surgical Equipment, CPAP, Infusion Pumps and Dialysis Equipment.

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