Medically Approved Adapter Operates From Mains Voltage or 12VDC



Gresham Power Electronics, the Salisbury based MIL and Commercial power conversion specialist, announces the introduction of a portable 90W converter that can be powered from many different sources. It is intended for use with a wide variety of mobile devices in industrial, IT, communications, scientific and medical applications.

The highly versatile, durable and portable switch mode power supply has a universal AC input ,ranging from 90 to 264 VAC, and may also be powered from a 12 VDC source such as those found in cars or, by using a special adapter, in commercial aircraft. "Gresham Power Electronics has a great deal of experience in satisfying customer specific and COTS power requirements." comments Jake Moir, managing Director of Gresham Power. "The introduction of this new multi-input adapter is a response to customer requests for a flexible power solution to run electronic equipment no matter where they are: in a car, train or aeroplane, at the office or at home. It gives system designers a single simple solution to providing power in many situations and environments." The first model of the new adapter range, the DS01436, has been designed to power a portable oxygen concentrator for patients who require a constant source of oxygen-enriched breathing air. This specially-designed converter provides the user with increased mobility by powering an oxygen supply system while in a house, office, hotel, car, ambulance, or aeroplane. The DS01436 meets a wide variety of medical safety standards, including fluctuations and flicker, electrostatic discharge, radiated susceptibility, EFT / bursts, surges, conducted immunity, magnetic field immunity, voltage dips, emissions and susceptibility and immunity to conducted transients on power leads. It has been safety approved to EN 60601, EN 60950-1 and EN60950 safety standards and includes the CE mark (LVD). The product provides a single 19 V output rated at 5 A. It is housed in a plastic enclosure and includes a commercial aircraft DC power input cable and a conventional automotive 12 V socket power input cable. The power supply has a very low profile, is double-insulated (no ground required) and is RoHS and WEEE compliant. Gresham Power provides compactPCI products, OEM power supplies, hot-swap power shelves and products for telecoms, medical, industrial and commercial applications as well as static frequency converters, DC UPS, distributed power systems and DC:AC inverters for Naval Defence systems and. For more information call +44 (0)1722 413060 or email